3 Reasons to Buy a Home in Tehachapi

Have you been thinking about buying a home in the Tehachapi area?  You’re in good company.  There are lots of compelling reasons to own your own home, but what makes now a good time to buy?  See if you agree with these three reasons to buy a Tehachapi area home:

Stocks are up 50% from the March 2009 bottom.  Some commodities have risen dramatically.  So, what’s that leave as a good investment?  Real Estate as an asset class is still way down in the cellar according to Michael Murphy, editor of the New World Investor stock newsletter.

  • Desperate sellers comprise two categories — owner occupied and lenders.  Both are looking to unload properties that are underwater and or already foreclosed.  Buyers who are patient and have the right REALTOR® t help them push through the process stand to get some great bargains.
  • Little Competition exists because most people don’t have what it takes to negotiate their way through short sales and REOs.  It’s even difficult to find a REALTOR® that is experienced with and willing to handle these types of transactions.
  • Low Rates for mortgages.  Rates are at their lowest levels in 40 years.  Since most people believe that inflation is inevitable, locking in now is a great idea.

Did you know that there are 279 properties in Tehachapi that are classified as “distressed” today?  That represents a significant opportunity in for a savvy investor.  Want to find out which properties in your neighborhood are in foreclosure?  Need help deciding how to move forward with your own home purchase or sale?  Use the form on the Contact page, or phone or text to discuss your options.

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