Are Ants in Your Area?

AntSummer is coming to Tehachapi and so are the ants.  Everybody is familiar with the marching armies that seem to be everywhere.  There are lots of ways to battle ants. Sure, you can spray poisons to kill them, but those can be harmful to people, pets, and the environment.  How about some more eco-friendly ways to deal with them? Myles H. Ba der provides some natural solutions in his book 1001 All-Natural Secrets to Pest-Free Property.

Did you know that Cream of Wheat is a natural deterrent to ants?  Apparently they can’t digest it and it is lethal to them.  Powdered borax mixed with maple syrup has the same effect.  That solution is not recommended if you have children or pets.  If you simply want to deter, but not kill, then sprinkle the substances they don’t like to cross, such as ground black pepper, chalk, or cinnamon, near doors or other areas where they can get into the house.

What environmentally friendly methods have you used to deal with ants?

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