Are House-hunting Priorities Different for Women and Men?

ZipRealty conducted a survey in June that highlights where men and women differ in their house-hunting priorities.  Overall it seems the survey respondents had fairly similar priorities.  I wonder if any of them were house-hunters from the Tehachapi area.

It is interesting to note that men are not focused on “man-caves” or home theater rooms.  Instead, they are even more interested than women in a nice master suite.   Would you be surprised to know that women placed a higher priority than men on a garage?

Men and women agree about the top three home features.  They both rank garages, master suites, and ample storage space as first second and third in importance.  The next five items appear on both lists, although not in exactly the same order: large or walk-in closets, outdoor entertainment areas, guest bedroom, gourmet or updated kitchen, and breakfast room or eat-in kitchen.

Finally, for women the last two top ten features are a large yard and wood floors.  For men, it’s a view and a large yard.  I guess men don’t care about wood floors and women probably figure they don’t have much time to enjoy a view.

The survey only included 1000 participants.  Do you think this is enough to provide a representative sample nationwide?  What about for the Tehachapi or Kern County area?  Share your thoughts below.  If you want to see the entire survey results, click here.

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