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Mailing Address is 1121 W Valley Blvd, Ste I-319, Tehachapi CA 93561. Make sure you note the address at which we will meet you for your appointment.
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Tehachapi Home Buyers See Mortgage Fees Increase

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are raising risk fees charged to lenders on loans they buy for resale to investors for the first time since 2009.  They are also adding risk fees to more loans offered to borrowers with exemplary credit.   Although lenders could absorb the cost, most are expected to add the fees to loan costs.

  • To avoid a fee or to receive a discount, most borrowers will need FICO scores of 740 or better and down payments of at least 25 percent.
  • The fee increases likely will affect most loans with terms longer than 15 years that are sent to Freddie beginning March 1, and to Fannie beginning April 1.
  • The most notable aspect of the fee increase is that the fees are being added to more loans to borrowers with higher credit scores.  With few exceptions, risk fees previously hadn’t applied to borrowers with FICO scores of 740 or higher.

I often say that now is the time to buy.  If you have excellent credit, closing on a Tehachapi or Kern County area home loan before March or April could save you money.  Everyone likes to save money don’t they?

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Sally Lawrence

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Tehachapi Real Estate Market Statistics

Many folks find making comparisons interesting.  So, whether you live in the Tehachapi area now, or are thinking about moving here, you can check out how the major Tehachapi communities compare in active and sold listings.

The data shown in for 2010 through November 17.  It was gathered from the Tehachapi Area Association of REALTORS® MLS.  Note that TSA stands for the Tehachapi Service Area and includes all the data for the communities shown as well as the other smaller communities in the area.

Let me know if you are interested in more specific information for one of the other communities.

Stallion Springs Alpine Forest Bear Valley Springs Golden Hills Tehachapi City TSA
Current Active Listings 50 11 104 76 60 362
Average List Price $216,967.00 $175,181.00 $303,082.00 $197,826.00 $151,326.00 $246,884.00
Average Days On Market 124 48 143 133 94 134
Total Listed 126 35 274 198 190 945
Number Sold 49 12 108 81 101 391
Percent Sold 38.89% 34.29% 39.42% 40.91% 53.16% 41.38%
Average List Price Sold $190,279.00 $145,237.00 $232,459.00 $178,605.00 $154,838.00 $193,953.00
Average Sale Price Sold $184,549.00 $135,205.00 $218,854.00 $172,356.00 $147,727.00 $184,752.00
Sale Price/List Price Ratio 96.99% 93.09% 94.15% 96.50% 95.41% 95.26%
Average Days On Market Sold 178 122 141 113 118 139
Average List Price Unsold $244,759.00 $203,959.00 $317,343.00 $205,252.00 $143,140.00 $252,359.00
Percent Expired 30.95% 31.43% 28.83% 22.73% 17.37% 26.46%

There are lots of interesting facts to note from the table:

  • Stallion Springs has the highest ratio of List Price to Sold Price (followed closely by Golden Hills).
  • Golden Hills homes spend the least amount of time on the market before selling.
  • Bear Valley Springs has the most Current Active Listings and the highest Average List Price Sold, followed by Stallion Springs.
  • Bear Valley Springs has the longest Average Days on Market for Active Listings, but is ranked third for Sold Listings.
  • Alpine Forest has the fewest Active and Sold listings and the Sale Price to List Price Ratio is the lowest among the 5 communities.
  • Tehachapi City has the highest percentage of Sold properties, Alpine Forest has the lowest.

Do you find any of the information here surprising?  Again, if you would like more specific information on a specific area, just let me know.

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