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Mailing Address is 1121 W Valley Blvd, Ste I-319, Tehachapi CA 93561. Make sure you note the address at which we will meet you for your appointment.
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Tehachapi Real Estate Market Statistics

Many folks find making comparisons interesting.  So, whether you live in the Tehachapi area now, or are thinking about moving here, you can check out how the major Tehachapi communities compare in active and sold listings.

The data shown in for 2010 through November 17.  It was gathered from the Tehachapi Area Association of REALTORS® MLS.  Note that TSA stands for the Tehachapi Service Area and includes all the data for the communities shown as well as the other smaller communities in the area.

Let me know if you are interested in more specific information for one of the other communities.

Stallion Springs Alpine Forest Bear Valley Springs Golden Hills Tehachapi City TSA
Current Active Listings 50 11 104 76 60 362
Average List Price $216,967.00 $175,181.00 $303,082.00 $197,826.00 $151,326.00 $246,884.00
Average Days On Market 124 48 143 133 94 134
Total Listed 126 35 274 198 190 945
Number Sold 49 12 108 81 101 391
Percent Sold 38.89% 34.29% 39.42% 40.91% 53.16% 41.38%
Average List Price Sold $190,279.00 $145,237.00 $232,459.00 $178,605.00 $154,838.00 $193,953.00
Average Sale Price Sold $184,549.00 $135,205.00 $218,854.00 $172,356.00 $147,727.00 $184,752.00
Sale Price/List Price Ratio 96.99% 93.09% 94.15% 96.50% 95.41% 95.26%
Average Days On Market Sold 178 122 141 113 118 139
Average List Price Unsold $244,759.00 $203,959.00 $317,343.00 $205,252.00 $143,140.00 $252,359.00
Percent Expired 30.95% 31.43% 28.83% 22.73% 17.37% 26.46%

There are lots of interesting facts to note from the table:

  • Stallion Springs has the highest ratio of List Price to Sold Price (followed closely by Golden Hills).
  • Golden Hills homes spend the least amount of time on the market before selling.
  • Bear Valley Springs has the most Current Active Listings and the highest Average List Price Sold, followed by Stallion Springs.
  • Bear Valley Springs has the longest Average Days on Market for Active Listings, but is ranked third for Sold Listings.
  • Alpine Forest has the fewest Active and Sold listings and the Sale Price to List Price Ratio is the lowest among the 5 communities.
  • Tehachapi City has the highest percentage of Sold properties, Alpine Forest has the lowest.

Do you find any of the information here surprising?  Again, if you would like more specific information on a specific area, just let me know.

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Single Family Homes are a Good Investment Opportunity in Tehachapi

Investors looking for real estate opportunities may choose to look in Tehachapi. Although the foreclosures plaguing the Kern County area are unfortunate for the former homeowners, they present an opportunity for both the homeowner and for investors.

All these folks who have found themselves upside-down and unable to pay their mortgage payments still need a place to live. Their payment problem may be the result of having purchased for top-dollar at the height of the boom.

Now, market values have slipped so far that even with reduced pay they could probably have afforded to buy the same home today. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean they can pay their 2005 era payment and so, often wind up losing the home.

In steps the savvy investor, snaps up the house in a short sale or as a foreclosure and turns it into a rental. Everybody has to live somewhere and people who have just lost their home to foreclosure will have to wait years before they can buy a home again.

Interested in discussing this great opportunity? Call, click or email through our contact page today.

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Has Your Dishwasher Quit Cleaning Like it Used to?

Is the dishwasher to blame, or is it the detergent?If you think your dishwasher has suddenly reached it last legs you may be wrong.  If you miss being able to load it up, turn it on, and take out sparkly clean dishes, read on.

The fault may not be with your dishwasher.  Think back to when your problems began.  Did your formerly clean looking dishes suddenly develop a white chalky residue?  Did it get worse with each subsequent load that you ran?  Do your black nylon utensils look ugly and dirty with the milky white coating?  Nasty, huh?

Did this possibly start when you opened a new box of detergent?  Yeah, I know it’s the same brand you’ve been buying for years, right?  The brand is the same, but I’m betting the formula has changed.

Recently, some states have mandated that detergents be made without phosphates.  This is not a huge deal for folks with soft water, but if you live in the Tehachapi or Kern County area, chances are that doesn’t apply to you.

So, how can you get this horrible residue off of your dishes?  The first step is to clean your dishwasher.  Go to your favorite store and look in the dish detergent area for a dishwasher cleaner.  They come in a plastic bottle that you open, turn upside down in your silverware basket and then run the dishwasher as normal (but without any dishes).

Once you have the dishwasher clean, now you can work on the dishes.  Load up the dishwasher, then fill both sides of the soap dispenser with vinegar and run the dishwasher on your preferred cycle.  Do be careful about including metal items in this run, vinegar is acidic and can cause metal to discolor.

If you are lucky, one cycle is all it will take to clean the residue off your dishes.  If once didn’t get it done, try it again a time or two should do it.  Even so, you may have to hand wash some things, like the black nylon utensils with a soap and vinegar solution.

Now that everything is clean again, you want to keep it that way.  Chances are that means a change in dishwasher detergent.  Go check the one that’s under you sink right now.  Go ahead, I’ll wait.

If it does not contain phosphates, you need to stop using it immediately.  Check out other alternatives at the store, if you can find one with phosphates, that should solve the problem.  Despite having been a confirmed Cascade user for years, I switched to Consumer Reports magazine recommended Finish All-in-one and it seems to be working just fine.

Share your dirty dishwasher experiences below.  Don’t forget to note what worked for you.


Beware of Real Estate Rental Scams

There has been a lot of talk going around about variations on several real estate scams.  The bottom line in every case amounts to “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”  These scams generally revolve around rentals of vacant properties.

Craigslist Rentals. Recently, Jennifer came across an ad on Craigslist for a house rental in Golden Hills.  She went to look at it and thought it would be suitable.  The Craigslist poster made every effort to convince Jennifer that she really did have local knowledge, but Jennifer’s radar went off when the purported “owner” was only willing to communicate by email.

Jennifer Googled the property address and found other rental ads for it by a local well-known rental management company.  She called them and asked if they knew about the Craigslist poster.  They didn’t.  Jennifer flagged the post on Craigslist.

This house has been foreclosed. Another variation we heard about recently involved two men claiming to represent a bank that had foreclosed on the property in question due to lack of insurance since the property was vacant.  These two men told that story to the property owners who just happened to see them from the property next door.  They then said that they were going to change the locks on the house.  When confronted the two men backed down, but what could have happened if no one had been there to confront them?  I’m guessing it wouldn’t have been more than a week or so before a new tenant had moved in!

Steps to take to avoid a scam. There are a number of things you can do to protect yourself from scammers.

  • If you are communicating by email look for these signs: overly polite, frequent misspellings, incorrect grammar, “owner” is out of the country.
  • If you are meeting someone at the property, make sure that person is authorized to rent the property.  This can be tough for the average person to do.   Since you will speak to the representative before you meet at the property, find out who the owner or management company is and then check with them on your own to make sure it’s legit.

If you suspect that you might be dealing with a scammer, call or email me with the Kern County property address and owner’s name and I will do my best to help you verify that you have identified the correct owner.

  • If the agent is offering to have you move in without a contract, it’s probably a scam.  For any term longer than one month, you must have a written contract.
  • If they want you to pay by cash or money order

According to local police, if you run into any kind of real estate scam like those described here, you should report it.  A phone call only takes a few minutes and your information might help catch the people doing this.

There are plenty of other reasons why owning a home is better than renting.  You might want to read about some of those here.  If you are paying rent of $850 per month or more, have a job, and as little as 3.5% of the purchase price for a down payment, you could own your own home worth $150,000 and start saving money on taxes too.

If that sounds interesting to you call, text or email me today and we can figure out what will work for you.

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