Category: Home Buyers

October 12, 2012

Are short sales a good choice for you as a buyer?

Are short sales a good choice for you as a buyer?  Let’s answer that with another question.  Are you planning to move, or are you planning to look? Short sales occur when a seller’s lender agrees to take less money to

July 26, 2012

Coming Soon?

How often does it happen that you are driving around Tehachapi keeping an eye out for new real estate signs and you see one that says “Coming Soon?”  What does this mean? Usually, “Coming Soon” signs are put up on

February 14, 2012

How to E-Sign Your Transaction Documents

Check out the brief video to see what you will see in your electronic signature request FAQs: Are electronic signatures safe? Even the United States Government is accepting electronic signatures for documents in real estate transactions.  Using a reputable provider

January 30, 2012

Why Might Short Sales Stabilize the Real Estate Market?

I hear from lots of prospective buyers that want to get a list of Tehachapi foreclosed properties so they can look for the “best deal.”  The truth is a foreclosed property may not be the best deal whether you are

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