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December 28, 2011

Golden Hills Offers Lots to Home Buyers

If you are thinking about relocating to or in the Tehachapi area, then Golden Hills deserves your consideration!  Golden Hills is located just to the west of Tehachapi. Check out this video to see what life is like in Golden Hills

December 26, 2011

Want to get rid of that white film on your dishes?

So dirty dishes don’t make a glamorous topic of discussion do they?  But lots of people are having trouble with that nasty white film that coats your dishes and the inside of your dishwasher. About a year ago I wrote

April 24, 2011

Free Lunch?

People say that there’s no such thing as a free lunch.  Well, there is at least a chance for one.    You can definitely get a free drink to go with your lunch (or dinner) at Blue Ginger Pho.  Just

April 16, 2011

Free Cool Stuff – Video Rental?

Everyone likes free cool stuff, don’t they?  I’ve arranged a special offer from Stallion Springs General Store. I’m new to the video thing, but think it’s a great way to communicate with you. I apologize for the shading from the

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