How's That New Neighborhood, Really?

How’s that new neighborhood you’re thinking about moving into?   One of the most important steps a home buyer can take when deciding which home to purchase is to conduct “drive bys” of the house and the neighborhood at various times of the day.  Don’t forget to include both week and weekends too.

Take the extra time to research the neighborhood.  This will help determine if there is too much or too little social activity for your lifestyle.  Are  there barking dogs in the house next door?  Is the home is located on a street with a lot of traffic during commute times?  These are just a few examples of things that may turn out to be bigger annoyances than you expected.

Spread out. Don’t just consider the immediate neighborhood, consider the school system that the neighborhood belongs to as well.  Don’t have kids?  You should still care about the school ratings.  Better schools are usually an indication of better neighborhoods.

Once you think you’ve found the perfect house make sure it’s in the perfect neighborhood too!

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