How Easy is it to Set Up a Smart Home?

In a previous post I wrote about setting up a smart home and the first couple devices I added.  After living with those devices for some time I’m still super happy with them.  The August Smart Lock integrates well with my Apple Homekit and Amazon Echo devices. 

With Amazon Echo, for example, I can tell Alexa to “unlock the front door” which is surprisingly useful when I have my hands full of things to carry in or out of the house.

There are some things to know about that though which include that anyone associated with your Alexa account also has access to lock or unlock the door when voice commands are activated.  The safeguard is that they must also know the 4 digit voice code password you established when you set up voice control.

So that’s some of the good stuff but I’m still struggling with getting my smart ceiling fans and LED lighting to respond in their native apps.  Devices have to respond in their native apps before they can be added to a hub like Homekit or Echo.

Appliances were just installed in the kitchen and I have not yet attempted to connect those to the apps yet.

Stay tuned to see how that gets resolved soon.

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