How to E-Sign Your Transaction Documents

Check out the brief video to see what you will see in your electronic signature request


Are electronic signatures safe?

Even the United States Government is accepting electronic signatures for documents in real estate transactions.  Using a reputable provider ensures a safer transaction.  I use Docusign® which is also the choice of the National Association of REALTORS®.

Do all transaction types accept electronic signatures?

At this time there are still some hold-outs that insist on “wet” signatures.  Most REO (bank-owned) sellers require wet signatures to complete the transaction.  However, using e-signatures to make the offer gets the offer in more quickly.

Do I have to print my copy?

Absolutely not!  You can save your copy in a PDF format on your computer.  If you are one of my clients, you will also request a CD at the conclusion of your transaction that will provide an archive of every document and related report.

Should I make an account to store my document online?

Only if you want to.  It’s probably easiest for most people to save a copy in PDF or wait for the Transaction CD.

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