Is Flipping for You?

Thinking about getting started in real estate investing?  There are several ways to get your feet wet.  One option is to buy properties that are suitable to use as rentals.  There are many terrific bargains to be had now throughout Tehachapi, Kern County and the rest of the country.

Other investors choose not to hold onto a property once they have purchased it.  This type of investor will buy a distressed property, frequently a foreclosure (also known as bank-owned, or REO), fix it up and re-sell it as quickly as possible.

Critics call the game “flipping” and blame it for a housing bubble that triggered the real estate crash in the first place. But others view it as Business 101, a critical piece of digging out from the crash. Houses with troubled histories get bought, repaired, and quickly resold, generating cash for new business entities to do it again and again.

There are advantages to the neighborhood in which the property is located.  One big advantage is that it’s one less house sitting vacant and decaying in front of the neighbors’ eyes.  Houses that have been flipped also have the tendency to somewhat increase property values since they will quickly sell for a higher price than that for which they were purchased.

Interested in getting started in real estate investing in Kern County?  Use the form on the contact page or call me.  I am ranked 1st in Tehachapi and 2nd in Kern County among more than 27,000 California Real Estate Professionals in ActiveRain.

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