Tehachapi's Valentine's Wine & Chocolate Walk

Tehachapi sure knows how to party!  There were hundreds of people walking around the streets of Tehachapi last night with wine glasses in hand.  All you had to do was walk into a business, hold out your glass and just like magic it was filled with wine!  Wander through the business and sample the chocolates and hors d’oeuvres.

Who would have thought that Tehachapi Automotive would have disco dancing in the garage?  To my surprise, I won the grand prize in the door prize drawing there.  It’s a lovely bracelet.  Thanks, Tehachapi Automotive!  There were a variety of musicians playing all over town.  Choose chamber music, trios, single guitarists and much more.  Don’t miss the belly dancer and hookah at Petra Mediterranean deli.

The only downside was that there weren’t enough glasses for all those that didn’t purchase tickets in advance.  Next year make sure you sign up early!

Did you miss this event?  Try the Taste of Tehachapi in the summer.  There won’t be love in the air as in February, but there won’t be as much chill in the air either!

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