Things a Buyer Should Know

Things a Buyer Should Know

This could be a lengthy list since there are so many things buyers should know.  Let’s focus briefly on one that is truly time-sensitive.  That’s the Home Buyers Tax Credit.  The credit applies both for first-time buyers and for move-up buyers.  There are of course, specific requirements that apply to either program (click to email me if you want more information on the specifics).

The most important part of the credit is the timing.  If you are planning to use the credit, you must have a fully accepted purchase contract no later than April 30 and you must close escrow by June 30, 2010.

There’s still time to accomplish this, but you will probably need to avoid certain types of properties in order to meet the deadlines.

What home sellers don’t tell buyers

As buyers ease back into the battered real-estate market, they’re often hitting a stumbling block:  Fibbing by home sellers.

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