Tip of the Week – Money Saving Fire Starting

Saving money is always a good idea.  Today, I want to share a tip with you to save money on starting fires in your fireplace or wood-stove.  Take a look at the short video to find out how.

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to watch out for expensive purchases that I don’t really need.  I found that last year, some of the smaller items I buy on a regular basis really add up.  Here it is wintertime, although it hasn’t felt too much like it so far this year.  Even so, if you enjoy having a fire, you may have used one of those fire starter logs to start your fire.  I just picked one up today and it cost almost $3.  So, in the spirit of cutting out unnecessary expenses, here’s a neat way I heard about to cut back on the cost of fire starter bricks and those fire starter logs.  You’re going to love this since not only are you saving money, but you’re recycling stuff you are probably throwing away.

All you have to do is save your empty toilet paper rolls and your dryer lint.  Yes, your dryer lint. Sounds kind of crazy but it really works well!  Then, take the lint and roll it into a little tube shape and then stuff it inside the cardboard from the toilet paper roll.  This lint is super flammable and lights up instantly and the cardboard from the roll holds the flame long enough to get your kindling and wood started.  Imagine how much you’re going to save.  I mean, those fire starter logs are about $3 each, so you do the math.  The savings will add up quickly.

If you’re looking to get into a new home, maybe one with a fireplace so you can try this tip, you’ll want to find out what your options are for saving some money.  That’s where my team and I can help.  We love to help people get into the home of their dreams and love to help you save money in the process.  Just give us a call to discuss your options and we’ll be more than happy to help you!

Make sure you try out this week’s tip.  I know you’ll like it.   Don’t forget to forward this along to anyone you think might be interested in saving money — whether it’s in the fireplace , or buying their new home or selling their existing house.

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