Welcome to my blog

Why blog? Blogging provides a platform for me to interact with you.  I have lived in the Tehachapi area for 13 years and love being here.  I want to share my passion for the area with you.  In turn, I want you to share your passion about living here with me.

Let’s get started!

How great is it living in the “Land of Four Seasons?” Most of the time it’s wonderful.  Occasionally we get to experience all four seasons in a short period of time — that’s less wonderful.  But here it is one third of the way through November and we are still having terrific weather.  Highs in the upper-60’s today. Nice!

What else do you like about living here? Low traffic? Horse (and other animals, e.g. alpacas, llamas, ostriches, etc.) property? Room to roam?

How about our burgeoning cultural outlets?  Variety of restaurants? Natural wonders?

We’ll be talking about these and other things in the weeks to come.  Share your thoughts about what makes Tehachapi great.

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