What should Tehachapi homeowners avoid doing if you can’t afford to pay your mortgage?

Let’s talk about some do’s before we get the don’ts.

Feel like your Tehachapi house has you drowning in debt?  Think about selling it as a short sale.

So, what are some good things to do if you are a Tehachapi homeowner and can’t afford to pay your mortgage?

Find out what your options are!  You didn’t set out to be in this situation and your lender will understand that.


Many times folks that are no longer able to pay their mortgage and owe more on their house than it’s worth think their only choice is to let it go to foreclosure.  That’s just not true.  You have a number of choices available to you in what can seem like an overwhelming situation.

  • Talk to your lender to see if they will work with you to keep your house.
  • Negotiate a reduced mortgage payment.
  • Sell your house as a short sale
  • Arrange a Deed in Lieu of foreclosure
  • Talk to your accountant and attorney for advice that is specific to your situation.
  • Talk to a REALTOR® who can explain the options to you.
  • Allow the foreclosure to go forward

So what should you avoid under these trying circumstances?   Don’t make the mistake of feeling like you’re stuck.  Make a choice!  Talk to a real estate professional that is familiar with short sales and foreclosure issues.  I’d be happy to help.  Feel free to contact me at 661-375.-7325 to get your questions answered.


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