Why Rent When You Can Buy?

I still believe that owning a home is among the best things one can do for themselves and their families.  There are many good reasons to buy a home rather than renting.

Tax deductions Lets start with the fact that you still get a whopping big tax deduction for owning a home.  You don’t get that for renting.

Customize to your heart’s content. How do you think the landlord will feel when you hang a 61″ television off the wall in that rental?  And by the way, the $100 wall bracket you bought for that purpose has become a “fixture” and now belongs to the landlord and not to you.

Always wanted a window seat in the bedroom?  Your landlord is not likely to take kindly to you reshaping the entire building.

What if you want to install some wood wainscoting in the room you use for a library?  Again, the landlord may not agree.  Then again, maybe he will since, like the TV wall bracket, that new wainscoting belongs to the landlord when you move out.

Neighborhood? What are the two most important criteria in choosing a place to live?  School ratings and crime statistics top the list.  The best schools and the lowest crime are usually found in neighborhoods that are primarily owner-occupied.  Doesn’t your family deserve to live in the best areas?

Monthly cost. Currently, there are many houses available for purchase that could cost you less than your monthly rent.  Doesn’t that sound appealing?

For more on these and other reasons to buy a house today, check out this article.

For more information on how a home purchase might fit into your plans and budget, contact me.

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