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Mailing Address is 1121 W Valley Blvd, Ste I-319, Tehachapi CA 93561. Make sure you note the address at which we will meet you for your appointment.
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Mountain Getaway Perfect for You and Your Horses

Here’s the Mountain Home you’ve been looking for!  

Ready for you and your four footed friends to move right in!

Have you visited spectacular Stallion Springs near Tehachapi, CA?  If you haven’t been here yet, you’ll be wondering how you missed out!  Just a short drive from Tehachapi, Stallion Springs features breathtaking views but great air quality, a friendly community with plenty to do for folks of all ages and an awesome place to just kick back and relax.

If that’s your preference, you’ll love this move-in ready home.  It’s a great choice for weekend getaways because it’s only two easy hours from Los Angeles and an hour from Bakersfield.  Come home and relax on one of four decks overlooking the Tehachapi Mountains and San Joaquin Valley.

Invite your friends to visit and they will likely become your neighbors — once they discover the secret that is the Tehachapi Mountains.

Don’t miss out on this beautiful opportunity.  Call 661-375-7325 to schedule your personal tour today.

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Why Does Stallion Springs Make You Feel Like You Are Living in a Resort?

Stallion Springs is undoubtedly one of the finest communities in the Tehachapi area.  Nestled in the Tehachapi Mountains, Stallion Springs provides a variety of housing styles as well as great amenities.

Whether you prefer a single family home in a neighborhood type atmosphere, or one with more acreage, Stallion Springs has many homes available to purchase.  If you are looking for a condo, those are available as well, both in single story and townhouse styles.  Whatever kind of real estate you’re interested in, there’s sure to be something here for you.

This video gives you an idea of the what it’s like to live in Stallion Springs.


One of Stallion Springs many treasures is the Community Library.  Staffed by volunteers, it offers books, games, and story time for the young ones as well.  The Library is located in the former CSD (Community Services District) building and shares its space with the POA (Property Owners Association).  Explore the CSD website to find out more about organizations like the Trails Committee and CERT.

This community boasts the only covered bridge in all of Kern County.  There are also several restaurants, a gas station, and general store.  Golfers will love the Horsethief Country Club.  The Stallion Springs Resort offers accommodations on a nightly or longer basis while you explore the area.

The CSD provides services such as water and wastewater (for those areas do not have septic).  It maintains the roads, provides trash disposal and more.  Stallion Springs also has full time police and fire departments.

Got kids?  Stallion Springs has several developed parks where there are playgrounds, hiking trails, basketball courts, horseshoe pits, and more.  You’re probably interested in the Tehachapi Area schools as well.  Several elementary schools are located throughout the Tehachapi area, middle school students go to Jacobsen and then to Tehachapi High School.

The map below highlights the location of some of the features in Stallion Springs.

View Stallion Springs, CA in a larger map

For more information about  available property, or homes for sale in Stallion Springs, call Sally Lawrence, “Home Sales Sally” at 661.375.7325 or email

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Is Water Availability an Elemental Concern?

Sally Lawrence REALTOR®,, 661.375.7325I’ve written before about what a great place Stallion Springs is to live. I’ll stand by all my previous praise.

One of the things that makes Stallion Springs such a great place is the willingness of its residents to join together and fight for what they believe to be right.  Here’s another one of those opportunities that is galvanizing folks on both sides of the issue.

Stallion Springs is in danger of losing its water supply. Perhaps that sounds a bit overly dramatic, but read on to see what’s going on.

Where does Stallion Springs water come from?  Stallion Springs draws most of its water from the Cummings Valley basin.  In addition to Stallion Springs, Bear Valley Springs, Fairview Ranches, CCI (California Corrections Institute) and a number of agricultural users also draw their water from the Cummings Valley Basin.

In recent years the water usage within the basin has approached the published “safe yield.”  In at least one year, usage has exceeded the safe yield.

Why does it matter?  Users within the basin are able to draw water without having to recharge the basin.  Stallion Springs and Bear Valley Springs have to recharge the basin for the water that they draw out.

As a result of the virtually unrestricted pumping allowed within the basin, the water table has dropped by 50 feet in the last decade.

If things continue unabated, it is possible that Stallion Springs could indeed lose its affordable water supply.

Sally Lawrence REALTOR®, HomeSalesSally,, 661.375.7325What is an alternative?  Recurrent Energy had proposed a solar project for 300 acres within the Cummings Valley.  That project would reduce the ground water pumping for those 300 acres to an insignificant amount.  Even better for Stallion Springs, the proposed solar project is located near the wells that Stallion Springs owns in Cummings Valley.

My personal take as a Stallion Springs resident is that I would prefer to see the Cummings Valley left pretty much as-is.  Unfortunately, I don’t see that as a reality.  It seems to me that the valley will continue to change and that a solar project may actually be a better use of those 300 acres than unrestricted water pumping by an agricultural user as we had before.

What can you do?  If you are a resident, or just interested in the outcome of this important issue, please contact Zack Scrivener, the 2nd District Supervisor by, phone his office at 661-868-3660 or fax 661-868-3666. Let him know that keeping water available in Stallion Springs is important to you.

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Finally, I’d appreciate it if you would copy me at on any correspondence to Mr. Scrivner so that I can keep track of the interest level.

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Free Cool Stuff – Video Rental?

Everyone likes free cool stuff, don’t they?  I’ve arranged a special offer from Stallion Springs General Store.

I’m new to the video thing, but think it’s a great way to communicate with you. I apologize for the shading from the sun. I’ll get better at figuring that stuff out as we go along. Enjoy.

Don’t forget to print your coupon…click on the image below and it will open full size for you to print.


Get a free video rental from the Stallion Springs General Store


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