Do You Fit the Average Home Buyer Profile?

The National Association of REALORS® (NAR) compiles statistics on all kinds of things.  In this case, we’e looking at NAR’s take on the average home buyer.  Do you fit the average?

According to NAR, the average home buyer:

  • Spends 10 weeks searching
  • Views 10 homes
  • Is a first-time buyer (41%)
  • Is a repeat buyer (59%%)
  • Has a median age of 30 (first-time buyers)
  • Has a median age of 47 (repeat buyers)

Information sources used in searching for a home:

  • Internet: 87%
  • Real estate agent: 85%
  • Yard sign: 62%
  • Open house: 48%
  • Newspaper ad: 47%
  • Home book or magazine: 30%

Took these actions as result of Internet home search:

  • Drove by/viewed a home: 77%
  • Walked through a home viewed online: 63%
  • Found agent used to search/buy home: 27%

These statistics came from the NAR 2008 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers.  How well do you think the profle identifies Tehachapi area home buyers?

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